Podino is the agency that inspires and makes world a better place

We strongly believe entrepreneurs are the people who help humanity evolve. That's why our core mission is to give back to the world and community.


We give back to the community

Every month, we donate between 5-10% of our monthly profits into different charitable causes. In addition, for every podcast episode we product, or for every podcast where we book our clients, we're planting one tree. So far we helped 10 different charities with over $10.000 in total donations, and planted over 790 trees.


It's not B2B. It's human to human

In today's world of automations, AI, and unsolicited cold emails, we strongly believe that human to human interaction and personalization stands out. That's why we're not trying to automate stuff for the sake of scalability. The real relationships are built through human to human interactions, and everything we do tries to reflect our human-like nature.


We help other people become better

We strongly believe the purpose of each human being on this earth is to help other people become better version of themselves. That's the only way humanity can go forward. We help our chlidren become better people, we help our team, clients, audience, podcast partners, and all other people around ourselves.

"Podino is more than a company. It's a family. The way of living and contributing to the world."

Ugi Djuric
CEO and Co-founder
year founded
booked podcasts

We booked our clients on over 660 podcasts so far

"Podino is a way for us to contribute to the world and make it a better place for living - for all humankind."

Uros Radovanovic
Co-Founder and CFO
thought leaders

We gave birth to 29 thought leaders

Demos with SQLs

All of our clients, combined, got demos with 200+ SQLs (this is the number that's directly attributed to podcasts, where our client's prospects mentioned that) - in reality, this number is way bigger.

"Podino not just elevated my knowledge, but also helped me create meaningful connections and relationships."

Viktorija Markovic
Head of Business Development
produced podcast episodes

Since we decided to introduce our podcast production as a service, we helped our clients produce over 130+ podcast episodes so far. Still, a long road to go.

Relationships created

We're proud to say that our work connect other people in achieving mutual goals.

“Working with Podino means facing daily challenges that push you to grow as an individual and as a human being”.

Alicia Smith
Podcast Booking Agent
Trees planted

We planted over 800+ trees in the first year of our business. We aim to double that number in 2022.

Donated to charities

In our first year of business, we donated over $10.000 to multiple charities. We aim to double that number in 2022.

“For a year now, I have been lucky enough to work with this amazing group of people who made my life so fulfilling”.

Karan Singh
Podcast Production Manager
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